Please Protect Southern Forests of Tasmania

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"Climate change is the greatest threat facing mankind.  Every year destruction of the Earth's rainforests releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than all of the world's cars, planes and ships put together. We must act now. Future generations are depending upon us."  --Charles, Prince of Wales.

Here in Australia, old growth temperate forests are being felled to no end in the Southern Forests of Tasmania.

Over the next three years 10.8 kilometres of new roads are to be pushed into the pristine forests of the Upper Florentine Valley to access oldgrowth coupes, all scheduled for clearfelling and burning. Up to 90% of the timber extracted from the area will end up as woodchips and low-value products.

The Upper Florentine Valley is an area almost entirely surrounded by the World Heritage Area. It contains untouched forests of well-documented World Heritage value that should be protected.

In July last year the World Heritage Committee passed a resolution calling for the protection of globally significant forests such as those in the Upper Florentine, Styx and Weld Valleys. Despite this, our governments bulldoze on with unpopular and environmentally destructive logging operations.

Please urge our leaders to enter into a mediated dialogue with stakeholders, including conservation groups and the logging industry, to resolve the conflict over high-conservation-value logging.

Please demand a moratorium on these outrageous acts that will have long reaching impacts upon future generations.